Can Love be Measured?
Everything that may be counted do not necessarily count and everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. Among the assumptions many people live by in this world is that if it cannot be seen, if it cannot be quantified then it does not exist, or, in the very least, it doesn’t make a difference. Einstein, a man who was the century’s researcher, had the wisdom. He was astute enough to realize that there are several aspects of life that just don’t fit into the scientific model. There are any number of things which can’t objectively be quantified, but that are essential to life.
How, for instance do you measure love? You can’t touch it, you cannot see it. There’s no way to quantify love, in either quantity or quality, however it exists. Without it, the lives of individual will be poorer and, in deed, the human race would cease to exist. They cannot be measured, but they’re vital to life. Much vital. Take, for example, the recipients of the Ig Nobel awards. These are awards given to study for researchfiction. The 2013 Physics decoration for discovering that some folks will be able of running across a pond’s surface- if that and these individuals pond were on the moon.

Having noted the above, it requires utmost courage or foolhardy to propose a theory of love and a method to calculate. This is what I have done.

You can read my theory of love and the calculation method in What is Love? book or through the free iOS and Android Apps called ‘Love Unlocked – Unified Theory’

Let me know what do you think of my attempt at defining the impossible.

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