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The App What is Love? Is the product of the insight of the author of the book What is Love?. It is the most important book on human relationships and life that everyone is talking about.

Read the book and download the App. Both offer unique values.

For any comments, queries or support, please contact us on whatisloveapp@gmail.com

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What is love 

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I am from Uttarakhand, a beautiful hill state of north India. ‘UK’ with my name on this website stands for Uttarakhand.I am a dreamer and a quick learner. I believe there is nothing that one can’t do if one decide to do it.

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The Clovehitch Killer Is a Smartly Underplayed Home Nightmare

In the age of “elevated horror,” the reigning wisdom seems to be that in order for a film to be frightening in a revelatory, haunt-your-nightmares kind of way, the fear being poked at must be universal on some level. The fear of Hereditary has less to do with its Satanic bent and more to do…