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What is Love? : Love Formula for All Relationships
by Vijay Shankar Sharma (Goodreads Author)
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Chase J’s review Nov 06, 2017
it was amazing

What is Love? is an excellent take on all the many factors that are involved in creating a definition of love. The author, Vijay Sharma, has gone out of his way to create an all-encompassing description of this human phenomenon,. He does so using meticulous research from both academic and literary sources spanning across centuries! He takes it a step further by offering a metric to quantify love, a rare and fascinating feat in itself. What Is Love? is well written in a fairly simple language that most anyone could comprehend regardless of reading skill. Additionally, it is quite concise, making it easily accessible to the masses. I highly recommend this book if you are at all curious about love, which effects every single person on the planet.

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