‘I Married a Ghost Pirate’: The Inspiring Story of Amanda Teague and Her 300-Year-Ancient Dumb Lover

‘I Married a Ghost Pirate’: The Inspiring Story of Amanda Teague and Her 300-Year-Ancient Dumb Lover

On July 23, 2016, Amanda Teague, forty five, married her Haitian husband Jack Teague on a cramped boat in the Atlantic Ocean. The climate become stormy and waves rocked the vessel violently. The divorced mother of 4—who labored as a Jack Sparrow impersonator in Eire—stated “I pause,” in a white lace robe and veil. And anyone else stated it encourage, however it wasn’t the man she become about to marry. He become already tiresome.
Teague made headlines closing week after news broke that she married the ghost of a 300-One year-outdated Haitian pirate. She claims their non secular relationship started in 2015, when she become lying in bed at home in Drogheda, Eire, and sensed his presence. After six months of continued contact with the ghost of the deceased freebooter, she developed emotions for him and the 2 made plans to officiate their love for every other.

Such as most same outdated relationships, the couple act out when jealous, gain arguments about accountability, saunter away to Dublin on weekends together for romantic getaways and even spend in lovemaking. Teague describes their chemistry as “extraordinary” and says that Jack is “the superior intercourse she’s ever had”.

Amanda Teague

Amanda Teague become carrying a white lace robe when she stated “I pause” in the Pacific Ocean on July 23, 2016. Amanda Teague

Talking to Newsweek, Teague confirmed that their marriage ceremony become same to one at a registry location of business, in the sense that it become short, cramped, and purposeful. The couple held one other marriage ceremony in October 2017, which eager a extra comprehensive group of household and chums to better gain an even time their union.
“We sailed into international waters so we could per chance presumably legally marry. It’s no longer honest in the UK or Eire to marry a deceased person, so we spoke to a pair of lawyers and did it officially,” she stated.
Teague says she is the first person in the U.K. and Eire to legally marry a ghost. Without reference to admitting that, because it stands, the law does no longer expressly acknowledge marriage to a deceased person, Teague explains that she followed ultimate procedures instructed to her by lawyers to bypass the foundations.
A registrar become describe on the marriage ceremony who registered their marriage, Jack Teague gave consent by a medium that become fair of her, and he or she even changed her closing name to his to honor their nuptials.
“I haven’t been challenged but,” Teague stated. “There become one govt agent who requested me to indicate my subject and I told him about spirituality and our connection. He ultimate current that.
If in the long bustle I’m challenged, [legal advisors] gain told me that there are particular routes we could per chance presumably saunter down to seem at out and earn our marriage identified by law… I’m prepared to pause it and wrestle [for our right to be married],” she added.


The boat carrying the cramped marriage ceremony crew flew a skull and corrupt bones flag, in honor of Jack, who become a Haitian pirate forward of he died in 1753. Amanda Teague

Shlomit Glaser, a household lawyer at Glaser Jones Law, told Newsweek that marrying a ghost and marrying a tiresome person are two quite a pair of issues. But “neither are legally identified in the UK or Eire”.
“Or no longer it’s no longer illegal. Or no longer it’s no longer a prison act and also you are no longer committing an offense, however the govt. doesn’t acknowledge it. They could no longer be allowed the advantages of a married couple,” she stated.
Glaser admitted that there become one honest avenue the keep it could presumably also be you may presumably presumably imagine. Even though she insisted that this conclusion become reached from applying overall household law ideas, it has never been examined on the describe keep of information and is completely speculative.
“She must saunter to a jurisdiction the keep it’s honest, apply the design in that jurisdiction and when she returns to the U.K. or Eire, she have to impress that it’s honest in the jurisdiction [where she was married] with ultimate documentation and handiest then could per chance presumably the authorities conform to acknowledge it,” she stated.

Ghost relationships and marriages are no longer odd. Final December, Cornwall Are residing reported the stories of two ladies folks who had been deep in the throes of paranormal ardour.

Amethyst Realm, a 27-One year-outdated non secular guidance counselor from Bristol, U.K., told the native paper about her sexual ectoplasmic encounters with 20 quite a pair of ghosts. All by an look on ITV’s This Morning, she described to viewers her ritual to seduce ghosts, which eager carrying spirited lingerie.

Realm’s story is ultimate one in all limitless others which had been shared by non secular believers round the enviornment.


Amanda and her chums held one other marriage ceremony in Eire to gain an even time the union of herself and Jack. Individual who every person her chums and household had been ready to relief. Amanda teague

Posthumous marriage, otherwise is named necrogamy, is the length of time given to marriages the keep one taking part member is tiresome. In some societies, it’s you may presumably presumably imagine and even a longtime observe.
In France, it’s explicitly honest to marry a deceased person. Article 171 of the French civil code states: “The President of the Republic could per chance presumably also goal, for excessive reasons, authorize the celebration of the marriage the keep one in all the long bustle spouses is tiresome”. 

All by WWI, the French govt allowed hundreds of ladies folks to marry their partners who died in the battle. A long time later, France unfolded posthumous marriages for civilians as successfully. When a broken dam killed 4 hundred of us in Frejus, French President Charles de Gaulle allowed Iréne Jodart, who lost her fiance André Capra in the 1959 incident, to marry his ghost.

To on the unique time, posthumous marriages proceed to be granted in France, on the entire under same devastating conditions. Magali Jaskiewicz married her deceased fiance in 2009, after he died in a automobile accident two days after proposing to her.
China, Sudan, South Korea, Germany, South Africa, Japan and even the U.S. are other international locations the keep judges gain allowed same forms of wedlock to be identified by law.
Isaac Woginiak, a resident of Miami, Florida, died of a coronary heart attack in 1987, forward of his impending marriage. Two weeks later, Circuit Think George Orr ordered the courtroom clerk to signal a wedding license on behalf of Woginiak, so that his widow could per chance presumably apply by with their marriage ceremony.
In China, “minghun” marriages, translated to English as a “spirit marriage”, is a successfully-established custom, albeit no longer often ever practiced on the unique time. All over mainland China, ladies folks can spend in a minghun to marry her fiance’s spirit, forward of adopting a child to follow it his household lineage.

Based fully on Grave Vows: A Unhealthy-Cultural Examination of the Varied forms of Ghost Marriage amongst 5 Societies by Lucas J. Schwartze, a rooster ought to be describe on the ceremony to narrate the groom, the girl can purchase a yell of celibacy and straight away saunter in with her husband’s household following the marriage ceremony.

The observe become banned by the Communist Social gathering in 1949, all over Mao Zedong’s reign. But the ritual aloof endures, namely in far flung regions of the country.


Amanda chopping her marriage ceremony cake in entrance of a Pirates of the Caribbean poster and pirate flag. Amanda Teague

In all these examples, however, the deceased has been a individual that become known to the bride sooner than his death. Teague claims to gain met Jack as a ghost. She never knew him whereas he become alive. If he become ever alive.

Teague says she doesn’t even know what Jack appears or sounds adore. The couple keep up a correspondence with every other by mediumship, and the last note thing Teague knows about her husband’s bodily look is that he’s of African descent and gifts himself as a person in his early 50s—the age he died.

Newsweek could per chance presumably no longer study Jack Teague’s existence. Haiti Birth, Marriages and Loss of life files collections on Ancestry.com date encourage to 1794. Based fully on Teague, her husband become completed by inserting in 1753, after he become caught assisting the spoil out of slaves who had been being traded.

Teague insists her husband’s bodily existence become the foundation for the fictional character “Jack Sparrow” who facets in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. Sparrow’s father, performed by Keith Richards, is the outdated pirate lord of Madagascar and a captain that goes by the name of Edward Teague.

All around the time the couple met in 2015, Teague become working part-time as Northern Eire’s handiest feminine Jack Sparrow impersonator and though the coincidence could per chance presumably also goal seem far-reaching for a range of, she insists the “accurate Jack” reached out to her in the afterlife thanks to her obsession with the movie franchise.

Leisure stories contradict her claims. Based fully on NME, Jack Sparrow become created by screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio and impressed by the accurate Keith Richards and Looney Tunes character Pepé Le Pew.

Pirates of the Caribbean creator Gore Verbinski did no longer acknowledge to Newsweek’s rely on of for comment.

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