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About the Book: For the first time in the history of mankind, I propose a definition of love that you can instantly verify and agree. The theory which I call the TAB theory of love applies equally to all kinds of love – Parents-Children, Friends, Partners, Pets or objects. It also gives a way to measure your love for all in your life.

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What is Love? By VijayS Sharma

About the Author

Vijay S. Sharma lives in Gurugram, India with his family. He is a CA and MBA (ISB) and has worked in the corporate world at senior most positions.
Other than being an author, he is a poet, screenplay writer, actor and director. A Hindi feature film called Andh: Let’s Play Blind based on his English novel Let’s Play Blind has been produced. A poetry book written by him that contains a single poem which has been translated into  60 languages so far, is also in the process of being published. It’s called The Chosen One: Mother & Son.
Note from the Author
As I searched for the meaning, causes and process of love over the years, I discovered 3 elements that explain every kind of love. I then spent more countless days and nights to devise a single and simple mathematical formula that can help a person quantify his / her love or hate for any other person, pet, causes or objects. This formula can be applied for any period or any transaction.
I share this insight through this book to help the reader to get answers to every question related to love and use the knowledge to fill his / her heart with more love and spread the love.
I am thankful to my friends Vijayant and Gunjan Saigal, Gursimran Kaur, Mahima and Aman. They debated for hours with me to find out any holes in the theory. All of them admitted that there were no holes. However, I was there to explain any doubts and remind then the definition of the terms used in my theory.  The terms used in the theory need to be interpreted as per their definitions provided. If not, the reader may not be able to appreciate the theory.
I will be happy to get any questions or comments from the readers on my website  iOS and Android Apps are under development. They will help the users with a method to save their scores for different Subject 2s in their lives and exchange scores with them.
About the book and Table of Contents
In the entire history of mankind,
–        No one has been able to provide an acceptable definition or the acceptable conditions of love. No one has even claimed to have provided such a definition with proof.
–        No one has ever provided a definition that can be applied to all kinds of love. Be it between parents and their children, siblings, friends, couples, for pets, or for causes and for material things.
–        No one has been able to differentiate between love for, say, a child, country, or ice cream using the same definition or any other measure.
–        No one has even attempted to provide a measure of love. A measure that would allow one’s love for different subjects to be measured and compared.
–        No one has attempted to provide any specific measures that would allow you to know if someone loves you.
–        No one has provided any convincing answers to how you can possibly attract love.
That was until now.


1.       Story of Sita And Una
2.       Love and Other Emotions
3.       Existing Theories of Love & Their Flaws
4.       Features of My TAB Theory of Love
5.       Existing Knowledge on Love:
a. Common Questions About Love
b. How Psychologists Describe & Explain Love – Theories of Love
                          i.    Liking Vs. Loving
                         ii.    Compassionate Vs. Passionate Love
                        iii.    The Colour-Wheel Model of Love
                        iv.    Triangular Theory of Love
c. A General Theory of Love
d. What Is Love?
                          i.    Famous Love Quotes
                         ii.    Famous Lyrics About Love
                        iii.    What Love Means to Common People
                        iv.    The Science of Love: General Perceptions
                         v.    Effects of Love
1.   Physical
2.   Emotional
3.   High Expectations
4.   Rationalizing
5.   Fantasy
                        vi.    What Do You Feel in Love?
                       vii.    Kinds of Love
1.   Eros or Erotic Love
2.   Philia or Affectionate Love
3.   Storge or Familiar Love
4.   Ludus or Playful Love
5.   Mania or Obsessive Love
6.   Pragma or Enduring Love
7.   Philautia or Self-Love
8.   Agape or Selfless Love
                      viii.    Expressions of Love
1.   Expressed Love
2.   Giving Gifts
                        ix.    Why Do You Need Love?
                         x.    Love in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
                        xi.    Is Love Mutual?
                       xii.    Why/When Do You Fall in Love?
                      xiii.    Strange Love – Loving Someone Who Does Not Love Back
                     xiv.    Stockholm Syndrome – Loving the Tormentor
                      xv.    Love Vs Infatuation
                     xvi.    Love Vs Respect
                    xvii.    Love Vs Dependence
                   xviii.    Feeling Trapped in Love
                     xix.    Taking Advantage of Love
                      xx.    Hate: Opposite of Love?
                     xxi.    Why Do You Hate Someone or Something?
                    xxii.    Can You Make Someone Love You? How?
6.       Love Is a Powerful Emotion.
7.       Existing Definition of Love
8.       What If We Knew ‘What Is Love?’
9.       TAB Theory of Love
a. Features of Tab Theory
b. Conditions of Love Under Tab Theory
c. What Determines Intensity of Love – PPP
d. Definition of Love
e. TAB Score Computation
f.    TAB Score Scale
g. Interpretation of Tab Scores
h. Features of TAB Score Constituents
i.    TAB Score Computation – Assignment
10.    Love for Ice-Cream Vs. Love for Country
11.    Test of Theory
                          i.    Love Questions in Sita’s Life
                         ii.    Why Are Some Leaders Loved?
                        iii.    Mahatma Gandhi
                        iv.    Nelson Mandela
                         v.    Martin Luther King Jr.
                        vi.    Narendra Modi
                       vii.    Demonetisation And Love
12.    How Can a Leader Escape Blame?
13.    Love and Business
a.     Business Leaders – When Are They Loved?
b.     How to Make Customers Love You?
c.     How to Get a Job
d.     How to Negotiate Better
14.    Stockholm Syndrome Through TAB Theory
15.    How Can You Attract Love?
16.    How Can You Not Blame When You Want To?
17.    Nobody Loves Me. I Can’t Hold On To Love
18.    Is Love at First Sight (LAFS) Possible?
19.    How to Maintain a Loving Relationship?
20.    What Is the Best Way to Live?
21.    Love Questions in Sita’s Life – Answers
22.    Conclusion / Take-Away
23.    Glossary
24.    References


Some of the book reviews by Readers:

on 14 October 2017
I never ever thought one can give a single definition of love for all kinds of love and can provide a formula to calculate love. There is an app on iOS and Android that helps you calculate your love for others, others love for you exchange your score with the other person so you can work on the relationship to make it more loving, longer lasting.
on 31 October 2017
unique concept by writer which never came before… great book to read…
Comment|Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 22 October 2017
Finally a formula of love which works in all situations
Comment|Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 22 October 2017
Great Book in simple language
Comment|Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 30 October 2017
Excellent book! It is almost unbelievable how simple the theory is and how it applies to every human relationship with other humans or pets, things or even God. The measurement of lover and hate is quite accurate too, I would say. I would recommend everyone to read it and every library in the world to have this book.
Comment|Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 30 October 2017
The word is ‘unbelievable’.
It’s fascinating how the author has quantified the aspects of human nature and used it to reach a conclusion that plays an integral part in our lives.
The book complements the phone app which is as good.

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on November 6, 2017
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on November 11, 2017
Format: Paperback
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