Why youngest siblings are most likely to be parents’ favourite?


This article in Times of India a couple of days ago, caught my attention.


This article was also published in “The Independent” around the same time. Details of author and a few lines of the article are given at the end. A list of a few search results is also given later.

Let me make it short: virtually everything is just conjecturing by the researchers. They have found ways to prove what actually happens in most cases.

However, the reasons are not at all what are mentioned by ‘researchers’

The reason lies in the TAB theory of Love. Yes Trouble, Blame/Thankfulness and PPP explain not only why the youngest siblings are likely to be parents’ favourite but the theory will answer everything else you want to know about love between a person and any other person in any relationship or love with a pet, cause, object or spirit.

That is the beauty of the Unified Theory of Love and Hate that is mentioned in the book “What is Love?: Formula for all Relationships”

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In the battle of the siblings, fighting for their parents’ attention, it is often presumed that the first-born is the favourite. How can you compete with their very first child, after all?

But according to a new study, the youngest sibling is in fact more likely to be the parents’ favourite.

However, it actually all comes down to perceived favouritism.


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Science has just proven what we knew all along: The youngest sibling in your family is the parents’ favourite

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